Dr. Wu was born and raised in China, in a traditional Chinese family that encouraged scholastic values.  As a young girl, she witnessed the difference her father made in the lives of young people by being a high school teacher for many years.  This inspired her to become a doctor. so that she, too, could make a difference in people’s lives.

After graduating from Zunyi Medical college in 1992, Dr. Wu practised medicine at the affiliated hospital of Guiyang Medical College, in the Health Center For Women And Children.

Dr. Wu finds great satisfaction in helping her patients restore their health through natural healing, and through guiding them to live a whole, vibrant and healthy life by making changes in lifestyle and diet, and through mind/body rejuvenation.

Dr. Wu’s strong background in Western medicine, her extensive clinical training and practice, has allowed her to develop expertise in acute/chronic pain management, emotional disorders and women’s health.  She is committed to the wellbeing of her patients by providing gentle, safe and effective acupuncture treatments.  Thanks to her unique background in Western medicine, the exclusive use of disposable needles, and her strict safety guidelines, your safety is totally ensured.

At Dr. Wu’s acupuncture clinic, patients are treated with respect and understanding.  Her patients are so satisfied with the results of their treatments, and with her gentle approach and professional skills, that they tell their friends and families.  Most of Dr. Wu’s patients come to her through word-of-mouth and doctor’s referrals.

Dr. Wu is devoted to her family, and she enjoys cooking Chinese food for them.  Her personal interests include reading and gardening.

  • What people are saying...

    Acupuncture Treatment for Fertility

    My husband and I had been trying to conceive our first child for over a year. Dr. Linda Wu came highly recommended to us by a friend who had faced similar difficulties. During my first consultation, she told me stress was likely the major contributing factor to our problems. I was impressed with her overall knowledge and confidence on the topic of fertility, and began seeing her regularly for a couple months. Dr. Wu’s obvious experience and technique made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Sure enough, we were blessed with the conception of our beautiful daughter shortly after.

    We soon wanted to expand our family; however my hormones were still off-balanced from the birth of our daughter. I went to see Dr. Wu once again and explained to her my inconsistent monthly cycle, ovulation bleeding, which was all accompanied by very low energy levels. She recommended Chinese herbs, and began my treatment immediately. Within a month, my hormones were regulated, I had my first normal cycle, and my energy levels were back on track. I truly felt wonderful. To my surprise, we conceived our second child the same month!

    I will continue to see Dr. Linda Wu in the future. She helped my reproductive system without the use of invasive procedures or chemical drugs, and has improved my overall wellness. I highly recommend her acupuncture treatments.

    J.W., Calgary, AB