14 August 2009

Afraid of needles?

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“Dr Linda Wu was recommended to me by a friend. I was interested to learn that she was a medical doctor, in China, and also a registered acupuncturist here in Alberta. I feel this gives her an advantage in treating her patients.
I was immediately impressed when I met Dr.Wu and she told me she could treat my symptoms (which she did, very succesfully) but that I must see my family doctor for a couple of tests to get to the root cause of the problem. I did this and found that I needed a small surgery to completely resolve the situation.
I am very afraid of needles – the ones for injections and drawing blood, so how could I possibly have acupuncture ? Well, to my surprise, the needles are very thin and hardly noticeable once inserted. I feel the treatment is, in fact, very relaxing and the time passes quickly, as I listen to the quiet background music.
Dr Linda Wu is very reassuring, and sensitive to ones needs and preferences/concerns, and so I heartily recommend her to you.”

– M. MacLellan, Calgary

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    Chronic Pain…

    “I am very impressed with Dr. Linda Wu’s professionalism, skill and compassion.  My first experience with her work was when I was experiencing strong back pain on a weekend.  Dr. Wu responded to a voicemail and opened up the clinic just to ensure I received a treatment that day.   I have found Dr.Wu to be knowledgeable and very thorough. She treats the whole system, not just the presenting problem and is both friendly and professional in her manner.  Dr. Wu is also very honest, and does not use her patients as a way to maximize her income.  I had expected to need three to five treatments for my back pain and after two, she informed me that I didn’t need to come any more.   Her work has been so effective that I have had confidence in recommending her to friends with chronic problems. “


     – Ann Perodeau, Cochrane